Friday, April 5, 2013

Why Do You Call It White Dog?

This is a question I get no less than 3 times a day. I can't even recall the other names we thought about calling the shop. I just recall my mom and I going back and forth for days via email and then we were in her truck and talking about calling it Dingy White Dog - because my dog Jack is always so dirty. And then I can't remember if she said it or I did... how about just White Dog? So, from then on, it was White Dog.

White Dog wasn't going to do a very good job and describing what we sold though. So I kept thinking along the lines of White Dog: New and Vintage, Modern and Retro, yada yada. Well it was good old Microsoft Word that spits out synonyms like gum... New became Newfangled, which basically means new stuff you don't need and Vintage became Timeworn, which basically means old. It stuck!

In a nutshell the shop is named after Jack Bear Thixton. My dog and the best friend a gal could ask for.  

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